We are so confident in SmileMedics Teeth whitening Home kit that we offer money back guarantee if you do not achieve a minimum of 2 shades lighter in color from your original shade. We understand that peoples’ teeth are different and react differently to Whitening. This is why our team created the best whitening solution that is safe and works on almost all teeth.

Here what you need to do to request a refund:

Day 1:                    Take a picture of your teeth prior to whitening next to our shade guide. Date stamped

Day 1-6:                Use the Kit for 6 consecutive days based on instructions on back of the kit

Day 6:                    Take a picture of your teeth next to shade guide along with used gel. Date stamped

Send the pictures to [email protected]. We will process your request within 3 working days. If the claim is valid, money will be refunded to same credit card account. SmileMedics reserves the right to reject any claims if it we deem the evidence is insufficient or does not support a refund. Refunds are the sole discretion of SmileMedics management. Please note that refunds are only applicable to first time kit purchases and do not apply on reorders, gel refills , shipping costs and other products on our website. The refund does not apply to people with teeth conditions such as fluorosis or tetracycline stains.